A Massachusetts native, she is a graduate of Walnut Hill School for the Arts as well as Circle in The Square Theatre School, and has studied theater and politics at the NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Allison is a student of Ken Schatz and co-founder of Hunger Theatre.

photo:  David Noles
ALLISON WICK in the role of Abigail was bewitching as a shape-shifter from demon to false victim. Her slim, lithe persona and vividly expressive eyes combined with her near-telepathic acting literally haunted me...MS. WICK also directed the production which was tight, fluid and spellbinding from beginning to end. She pays all the due tribute to the playwrights words while using the limited space of the theater in a very effective and compelling way.
— Michael D'Antoni, Outer Stage
As Abigail Williams, John’s infatuated stalker, Allison Wick was devious, cunning, and erotic. As the play’s director, she demonstrated talent and skill…There was some remarkably fine acting in this performance.
— Jan Ewing, Spectrum Cable.
Allison Wick is pitch-perfect as the troubled Charlotte, whose infatuation with Helen of Troy as a model of beauty allows her to explore and fantasize about her darker impulses as a means of teenage escape...a terrific lead actress.
— ReneGrayre, Show Score
Hunger Theatre has revived Mark Schultz’s “Everything Will Be Different” (2005) in a strong bare-bones production distinguished by a bravura, unsparing performance by Allison Wick as the central character Charlotte.
— Jim Jim Jim, Show Score
Almost flawless. Not much more can be said about a great production of a classic play. Allison Wick appears to be a rising young talent.
— Show-Score, Bill 6228
See [“Everything Will Be Different”] if you want to discover an absolutely brilliant young actress, Allison Wick. Her performance is an absolute must-see.
— Jose 6280, Show Score
Kudos to Allison Wick, who is not only excellent as the callous and mischievous Abigail Williams, but who directs a compelling version of The Crucible working with very little.
— Show-Score, Scott 7281